MTBA as the governing body for mountain biking in Australia has a role to play in the provision of advice and support to clubs and key stakeholders involved in the facilitation and development of MTB trails.

Project Update – QLD MTB STRATEGY

Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA) have appointed renowned trail consultancy company Common Ground Trails to work with the Queensland mountain bike community and key stakeholders to deliver a Queensland Mountain Bike Strategy.

The completed Strategy, partially funded through the Queensland Government’s Sport and Recreation Planning Program, will provide the framework for a coordinated approach to the development of mountain bike opportunities in the state.

Stakeholder and community consultation is integral to the development of the Strategy and will encompass clubs, private promoters, land managers, trail care alliances and state and local government authorities.

Some objectives of the Strategy include:

  • Gain an understanding of the existing use and projected demand for mountain bike infrastructure;
  • Identify constraints, opportunities and potential partnerships in the delivery of mountain bike opportunities;
  • Identify key stakeholder requirements, future plans and opportunities for further planning and development of mountain bike infrastructure;
  • Provide strategies and recommendations in key areas such as participation, trails, facilities and infrastructure;
  • Develop a prioritisation framework to guide trail investment decisions;
  • Provide reliable evidence based research to assist with ensuring there is a coordinated approach to the development of mountain bike trail networks and resources sharing in Queensland;
  • Provide an implementation plan to assist stakeholders achieve a coordinated approach to investment in mountain bike facilities in Queensland; and
  • Provide a high level document to re-enforce and support future investment decisions and strengthen advocacy for the development of mountain bike trail networks and supporting infrastructure.

QLD MTB Strategy – Fact Sheet

For more information please email


Project Update – National MTB Standards/Guidelines and Professional Certification Framework

The idea to develop Australian standards/guidelines around the sustainable design and construction of mountain bike trails was raised with the mountain bike community by the MTBA CEO at the 2014 Australian MTB Summit held at Mt Buller.

At the 2015 Australian MTB Summit a project working group was established to investigate the options and methodology to develop national mountain bike trail standards and a professional mountain bike trail building certification framework.

Project Initiation Working Group Terms of Reference

Members of the working group consulted with land management agencies, trail builders, key MTB stakeholders and the wider MTB community to develop a range of options papers.  The option papers and the outcome of further consultation were presented at the 2016 Australian MTB Summit and the 2017 Sustainable Trails Conference.

National MTB Standards/Development Information Paper

Option Paper 1 – National MTB Trail Standards

Option Paper 2 – National Mountain Bike Trail Builders Accreditation Framework and Curriculum

Option Paper 3 – Proposal to Establish an Organisation to Represent the Australian Mountain Bike Trail Building Industry

National MTB Standards and Accreditation Working Group 161206


The initial working group with the addition of a few extra members, is now known as the MTBA Trails and Advocacy Management Advisory Commission and include:
Craig Stonestreet (NSW)
Craig Meinicke (QLD)
Marty Krieg (NT)
Peta Demidenko (WA)
Andrew Sawatske (NSW)
Peter Salisnew (QLD)
Richard Morrell (VIC)
Denise Cox (MTBA)
The group aim to have draft guidelines and professional certification framework completed by end of 2017 for feedback from the MTB community.
To contact the Commission please email


Trail Building Workshop

Trail building and maintenance workshops are delivered throughout the country according to demand.  Workshops cover both theory and practical sessions, can be tailored to meet the needs of the host club and are delivered over one to two days. 

If you would like to register your interest to attend a workshop please complete the expression of interest form below.  Alternatively if you have a group of people in your club / area who are interested, please contact MTBA about arranging a workshop. 

Expressions of Interest for Workshops can be registered here


Trail Resources

Professional and volunteer trail builders, clubs and land management agencies often have resources and equipment that make the task of constructing and maintaining trails and collecting trail usage data a whole lot easier – Handy trail tools are available on the Trail Resources webpage.



Trail Building Insurance FAQ’s June 2016 – V2

MTBA – E Mountain Bike Statement

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