Jackson Frew – Lenzerheide World Cup

Posted by mtba, July 11, 2017

After Andorra, I had a few days to reset before heading into Lenzeheide, Switzerland. I struggled to find the speed and flow of the track last year and that played on my mind heading into track walk Wednesday afternoon.

The track remained largely unchanged from last year apart from some creative bunting and a years worth of weather damage. The biggest question mark heading into the following day’s practice was whether the infamous plunge was faster than its B-line.

I’ve learnt a lot from watching other riders in practice over the last few races and I began to put what I had learnt into practice, really taking my time, watching others try lines and learning from their mistakes.

I really enjoyed the track but I didn’t feel like I was going fast. As the track changed through the day, I found I had to be very patient because the dirt was very unpredictable and grip was hard to come by.

As practice went on the main line became clear and anything either side was covered in loose rock, meaning that any deviation was punished.

I headed into timed training with my lines down but I still didn’t feel like I had the speed. I started off with a smooth clean run with only a few mistakes near the bottom. I cleaned that run up and ended timed training inside the top 20 in 16th . Which was a big surprise and a massive confidence boost.

Quali brought another searing hot day and a lot of nerves. I’m not sure why but I think because for the first time this season I didn’t feel like I was fighting an uphill battle.

Practice went well and I was brimming with confidence! I headed up for my quali run a bit later than planned as the juniors had caused a few delays. As I warmed up we were hit with more delays which didn’t help my nerves, but I headed to the start house excited.

My run didn’t feel that good, in fact I thought I had thrown time away in the top section. I later learned that all my splits were inside the top 16 and my last split was 12th. But within sight of the finish I overshot a big table top into a left-hand corner and got sent straight through the tape.

By the time I had gotten back on track and crossed the line I was in 50th . I finished Friday and my weekend way down in 95th .

I had thrown my best result all year down the drain, but it was the first time this year I put it all together and showed my speed. That almost made up for not getting to have another go on Saturday.

I now head to Whistler for a few weeks of training before Mont St Anne.

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