Addicted More Than Ever

Posted by mtba, October 13, 2016

Ahead of the Scott 24hr National Championships in Canberra last weekend we spoke with Julia Chadburn  who was attempting her very first 24hr race. This is Julia’s experience in her own words. 

My first ever 24hr race (the 2016 Scott 24hr) was also my first ever male and female race.

I had an absolute ball.

I would rate it up there with having my sons, getting married and winning hockey grand finals. 

 My husband was my support person and secretly I was worried we would argue in such a stressful sort of situation but we didn’t, he was awesome. 
I flew through the first 6 laps without really stopping. The night-time laps saw me slow down and stop either every lap or every second lap. 
I nearly cleaned up two wallabies in my second night-time descent down Western Wedgetail- one bounced to the right and the other stood there as my left handle bar brushed him. Freaky stuff!!
I rested from midnight until around 3am. This was decided by me, after a rather clumsy lap prior to midnight, (I had stacked once earlier at slow speed due to a lapse in concentration when changing my shock setting.)
I think I got about 1 hour of sleep. I was back out on the track, and my second lap after my nap was when I deployed the first of my caffeine gels.
Every lap after that I downed a caffeine gel as well. That was extremely helpful.
My goal was 18 laps. I finished 19.
I ended up around 2 minutes behind 3rd place. I was pleasantly shocked that I was able to actually complete this- let alone be a sniff off a podium place.
I feel I have my CORC prep course and the Today’s Plan training plan to thank for a lot of this, as well as the support and smarts of my husband, Mal. 
In addition, I had loads of tips and support from friends. I also had trainers, lights, helmets, a Garmin and some warmer cycling clothes all loaned to me by fellow CORC course members and friends.
All in all, I learned a lot about myself and what I am actually capable of. I learned that mtb’ers are a polite and caring bunch.
The camaraderie I experienced the whole time was amazing. Words of support from seasoned and champion riders of all ages was extremely uplifting. 
I am now more hopelessly addicted to mountain biking than ever.
My husband is already talking about ideas for the next 24hr event. 
©Russ Baker

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