Mountain biking, when appropriately delivered, is a very safe sport with injury rates below other more traditional sports. MTBA seeks to provide schools with the tools to present mountain biking in a fun, safe format to enable more students to access the sport. While childhood inactivity rates are soaring, the skill and fitness component of mountain biking make it an attractive activity for young people.

For anyone new to mountain biking, our clubs are probably THE best way to get started in the sport. However, we want MTB to be encouraged and taught in schools alongside other sports like swimming and athletics!

MTBA has a “Dirt School’ resource pack available, which is suitable for any teachers or schools interested in mountain biking. The pack can be ordered from our online store here.

We also encourage teachers and sports officers, who are involved in delivering MTB to students, to complete one of our NCAS accredited coaching courses. A minimum level of accreditation is sometimes required by State School Sporting bodies. Details of our coaching courses can be found on our Coaching page here

For more information on mountain biking opportunities for schools, contact MTBA’s Development Coach at

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1. Obtain a copy of the Dirt Schools Pack which contains a lot of information about the sport of mountain biking, equipment, building MTB features and basic skills.

2. Register for our Level 0 Skills Coach course. Courses run on a needs-basis so the more people who register their interest, the faster we can deliver a course to you.
3. Contact our Development Coach for your FREE 8 week beginners program PDF. This program is an 8 lesson series designed to be delivered in a school lesson on the school grounds. It is a great precursor to taking riders on the trails and enables them to learn the basics in a controllable environment.
4. Trial an after-school program once a week for a term to gauge the interest of the students. Keep the sessions short and fun while learning foundation skills such as cornering, braking and balancing.
5. Encourage students to become MTBA members. Your school insurance may cover them while they are participating at the school, and MTBA insurance covers them 24/7 whenever they are on a bike. Our junior recreational memberships start from $20.
6.  Plan an excursion to a local trail. MTBA recommend the Trailforks site to find suitable trails in your area with descriptions and ride profiles.
7. Do you now have a squad of keen mountain bikers? Check out the MTBA calendar for club races and events you can attend.
8. Create a MTB skills park at your school. Many trail features can be built in a small area to allow riders to practice their skills under the watchful eye of teachers. Make your own features using the information in Dirt Schools or find a local trail builder who can assist. 
9. Hold a small race at the school or other approved race venue and invite other schools to participate. Your local club may assist you as they run races as a normal part of their function. Check out our commissaries Level 1 course for more information about running a mountain bike event.
10. Become your own MTB club! MTBA is offering schools the chance to affiliate as an MTB club and receive all the regular club benefits.  Simply fill out the affiliation form and return it with the fee and a letter of endorsement from the head of the school.


MTBA wishes to recognise schools who are promoting MTB by acknowledging them on our website. These schools have encouraged students in mountain biking through such things as purchasing a Dirt Schools pack to use as a resource and providing MTB activities throughout the school year. The emphasis is on participation and healthy lifestyles through physical activity on the bike. First time riders are encouraged to join our 8 week free trial. 



Redlynch State College | Jungara Rd, Redlynch QLD | Nathan Selsby | 

Moreton Bay Boy’s College | 302 Manly Rd, Manly West QLD 4179 | Scott Emblen |

Vincentia High School | 142 The Wool Road, Vincentia NSW | James Wright |



Some schools have elected to invest heavily in mountain biking as a school sports program. Riders in excellence programs are focused on competition and training the best of their ability. These schools offer structured MTB programs delivered by Level 1 coaching staff for at least 16 sessions per year. MTBA provides one funded place per year on our Level 0 Skills Instructor course and a 10% discount on subsequent coaching courses. Excellence schools are expected to hold one interschools MTB event per year with the assistance of their local club.



Mackay Christian College9 Quarry St, North Mackay QLD 4740 | Peter Lister |

St. Patricks College | 282 Westbury Rd, Prospect TAS 7250 | Adrian Cooper |

For more information on listing your school in the Merit or Excellence Program contact National Development Coach, at

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