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CX Cyclo-Cross World Cups  September 2016-January 2017

XCO, DHI AND OT registration forms will be posted in January 2017

The UCI require athletes hold a minimum number of UCI points to be eligible for entry into World Cup events for some disciplines. The points required are:

XCO (Elite and U23) – 20
DHI (Elite) – 40 (new for 2017)
CX (Elite) – Elite riders ranked in the World Top 50 at last ranking date
OT – no minimum points required


MTBA receive a number of federation or wild card entries to allow athletes who lack the requisite points to compete in World Cup events. In order to give more certainty to riders who travel internationally, the following policy will apply for these entries:
1. Riders must compete at the Australian National Championships, Oceania Championships (if applicable for discipline) and at least one National series event (if applicable for discipline) to demonstrate that efforts have been made to obtain UCI points.
2. Riders must apply for a Wild Card entry after the rankings update post Oceania Championships. Applications can be made here
3. Wildcards will be issued for every World Cup at the start of the World Cup season. You must nominate in advance which races you require entry for.
4. Preference will be given as follows:
– to riders who, if the National Championships points were added at the time of competition, would fulfil the min. points requirement. UCI points for XCO and DHI National championships are added after the 29th weekend of the year which is the official UCI National Championships weekend. For CX this is the 2nd weekend of the year.
– riders who have the ‘next best’ result at National Championships after riders who have the required number of points.
5. Junior riders who are part of the National team as selected in the season of competition.
MTBA is not required to fill all or any of the Federation entries and does so at it’s sole discretion with the goal of rider development while preserving integrity of competition.”

Closing Dates for Entries: 

Antwerp (OT) – Sept 8
Crossvegas (CX) – Sept 8
Jinglecross (CX) – Sept 8
Valkenburg (CX) – Oct 12
Koksijde (CX) – Nov 9
Zeven (CX) – Nov 16
Namur (CX) – Dec 7
Heusden Zolder (CX) – Dec 14
Fiurre Regione (CX) – Jan 4
Hoogerheide (CX) – Jan 11


Entry process:

1. Fill out the relevant discipline form, to register your interest in attending the World Championships

2. MTBA – reviews results from selection events which are assessed against the selection criteria by the selection panel

3. MTBA – selection panel nominates the athletes who have met the selection criteria to the Chair of Selectors

4. MTBA – Chair of Selectors checks the nominations and once satisfied tables the nominations with the MTBA Management Committee (through the Chief Executive Officer) for approval

5. MTBA – Notifies athletes selected, please ensure you review the time scheduled for these process in the selection criteria documents below


2017 World UCI MTB World Championships, Cairns AUS – XCO, DHI – coming soon
2017 XCM World Championships, Singen GER – coming soon 
2017 Cyclocross World Championships, Bieles LUX 


Should you be selected in the 2016 World Championships team you will be required to sign Athlete Code of Conduct, National Team Agreement (which includes anti-doping obligations) as well as abide by the National Team clothing policy.

Section A: 2017 MTBA Section A General Selection Criteria

Section B1: 2017-MTBA-Section B1 XCO Selection Criteria

Section B2: 2017-MTBA-Section-B2-DHI-Selection-Criteria

Section B3: 2017 XCM Selection Criteria – coming soon

Section B4: OT Selection Criteria – coming soon

Section B5: CX Selection Criteria

Section B6: 4X Selection Criteria (Coming Soon)


  1. Can I enter a World Cup or Championships privately, through the UCI or race organiser? No. Only your national cycling federation can enter you in these events. Please fill out the relevant on-line form above for your discipline.

  2. Will I be notified when my entry is confirmed? As long as you fill out the on-line form and you have the required UCI points you will be entered. Entries do not open with the UCI until 20 days prior to the event so we cannot provide proof of entry before this time. If you do not have the required UCI points and are seeking a Wild Card entry, fill out the form and contact devcoach@mtba.asn.au for further information.

  3. What do I wear at a World Cup race? You may wear your own racing kit. You are NOT permitted to wear the National Team kit unless you are a Wild Card entry. The UCI mandate that all Wild Card entries must wear their National Team kit.

  4. Why am I receiving an email from MTBA asking for my address at the event? The UCI system requires a full and correct address for each rider who is being registered for World Cup and Championship events. This includes the Hotel name, street address and town. If the address is not correctly written, the system will not accept the entry.

  5. Can I race World Cups on an MTBA domestic licence? No. You must upgrade your domestic licence to a full Cycling Australia membership. You will then be required to purchase an International Licence from Cycling Australia. If you are racing overseas, you must also purchase insurance for the period you will be racing. You can source other insurance but you must provide PROOF that it will cover you for a UCI event. Many policies will not cover this.

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